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At VividCloud you'll find smarter software solutions, development and expertise—with the security, the transparency and the ease of service you can only find when engineered here.

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We are here.

Healthcare Technologies, Industrial 

Consumer Devices, Automotive, Insurance,Financial

VividCloud is a 100% US-based high-tech software company, originally named Here Engineering, and we develop advanced Cloud and IoT systems for the enterprise. Our headquarters and principal development facility is located in Brunswick Maine. We’re a committed partner in the commercialization of the former Naval Air Station Brunswick into Brunswick Landing, a progressive and innovative business campus. VividCloud is also growing our team in our Massachusetts and New Hampshire offices.

We help our clients accomplish their digital transformation strategies by moving their products and systems to the Cloud, by changing devices into smart, connected IoT ‘things’, and turning big data into business opportunities. 

We design and build products and systems using the latest technologies—sometimes starting from a clean sheet of paper, and sometimes by reengineering and migrating legacy software to the Cloud. 


Our mission is to out-perform the competition in the US and offshore in every way we can—starting with the people we hire to the technology we use to the collaborative experience you have working with us—at a competitive price.


We understand that software is the economic engine of the 21st century and believe creating jobs onshore is strategic to our country and to our place in the world. We focus on the Healthcare Technologies, Industrial, Consumer Devices, Automotive, Financial Services, and Insurance industries








We're hiring software developers for our Brunswick Maine, Boxborough Massachusetts and Hampton New Hampshire locations. We're also looking to fill remote positions for the right candidates. If you're talented and motivated — whether you're a new graduate or have decades of experience—we'd like to hear from you. 

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