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Move Your Enterprise to the Cloud

VividCloud’s clients usually know what they want to achieve with a transformation of on-premises enterprise systems to the cloud. However, a key problem is often is how to rearchitect or refactor monolithic legacy applications running in a traditional data center to get the most benefit from a cloud transformation. 

VividCloud approaches complicated Cloud Migration projects with a disciplined Discovery Process. The purpose of Discovery is threefold: understand the client’s problem and their known requirements, develop and validate a path to migration, and build an MVP. 


A key driver of cloud transformation projects is the desire to address the limitations and high maintenance costs of aging monolithic applications.  Monolithic applications are difficult to scale, subject to single points of system failure, and are difficult and expensive to add capabilities.

Cloud transformations mean more than simply running enterprise systems on a cloud platform. VividCloud’s projects include build pipelines to deliver CI/CD, an important tool to gain all the benefits promised by a cloud transformation.  CI/CD is an agile methodology best practice enabling software development teams to focus on meeting business requirements, code quality, and security because deployment steps are automated. 

Surreal World


VividCloud reengineers legacy systems and applications with a cloud native microservices architecture, where applications are built as independent components that run each application process as a service. These services are optimized for the unique requirements and characteristics of the legacy software it replaces. Each service can be independently updated, deployed, and scaled to meet demand for specific functions of an application. 

A VividCloud transformation creates new system with a Cloud-Native Architecture utilizing technologies and design approaches such as microservices, containers, serverless, and a Database Freedom approach to achieve the optimum design around operational cost and performance. 

Case Studies

Cloud-Native FinTech  / Smart Filtration Systems Initiative  /  Enterprise Platform for Insurance Company  


What Makes Us Different,

Is What Makes Us Better

We develop innovative software solutions for companies undertaking a digital transformation of their current technology to better compete in today’s cloud-based marketplace.

When you work with VividCloud, you'll  have a dedicated team of developers with the expertise you project requires to bring your vision life.  And because we’re 100% US-based—connecting is faster, communicating is easier, and security for your sensitive data, proprietary software, and intellectual property is unparalleled.  


We build real solutions to real-world challenges. At VividCloud, we deliver industry-specific solutions throughout the Healthcare Technologies, Industrial, Financial Service, Insurance, Consumer Device, and Automotive industries. 

By applying world-class software development services and market-leading technology, we help companies like yours increase their productivity and win the competitive advantage.


We are VividCloud.


VividCloud delivers software development services for enterprise software projects. We help clients extend, modernize, and optimize applications, and address accumulated technical debt. 


Insurance consumers want slick software that empowers them to buy insurance products, make changes to policies, and file claims. VividCloud builds custom cloud platforms and mobile applications for the insurance industry.


Whatever you need, VividCloud can help. Contact us directly, or click on the link below and we'll get right back to you.

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