Choose Your Own Adventure

Every day at VividCloud is a new adventure and our culture reflects that intrepid spirit. It’s driven by people who want to be trailblazers in cloud software engineering – people like you, who are eager to explore their craft, do more, and learn more. Here, everyone is the hero in their own journey.

About Us

At VividCloud, it’s all about your journey.

From day one, we’ve worked hard to build an inclusive and supportive environment. Here, every voice counts and we stand behind each other in all situations. Most of all, we’re invested in your journey. Whether it’s finding the opportunity for you to follow your passions; providing the resources you need to succeed, when and where you need them; or working together on your professional development, we’re here to help you build a brilliant future.

We’re proud to be voted one of the best places to work in Maine, two years in a row.

How did we do it? We’ll let you in on the secret: Here, we encourage a different way of doing things by putting you in the driver’s seat of your career. We work on fascinating projects that keep us engaged. Our culture ensures that you have the support you need to make each project a success. And with everyone’s direct investment, we give our clients the absolute best that we can offer – and we feel great about that.

Our Awards
& Recognition

Helping you grow, at your own pace

We created our mentorship program because we realize that people don’t grow according to a schedule determined by an annual cycle. Instead of having a supervisor, you’ll be matched with a Mentor — a senior software professional who continually works with you on your development. They look for ways to bring you into the spotlight, offer support whenever you need it, and help you achieve your goals or even explore a new career path.

CI/CD for Careers

Your Mentor is your advocate when it comes to growing your skills, the type of work you prefer, and any other needs you may have.

Access to Excellence

As a part of the VividCloud team, you have a built-in network of experts within the company, and your Mentor will always look for ways to connect you.

Real-time Responsiveness

Your Mentor is available at any time, for any reason. No matter what you need help with, there’s always someone on your side to listen and offer guidance.

Leadership Team

Our Team

Meet our original “support team”, made up of leaders who ensure that our people are at the heart of everything we do.

Michael Prevost
Founder, CEO
Tom Mariano
Founder, COO
Jim Kennedy
VP Engineering
Aamir Chaudhry
VP Business Development
H. Todd Babbitt
VP People and Culture
Russell Smith
Director of Engineering
Maria Chambers
Director of Engineering
Ivan Novikov
Director of Engineering
Bill Croteau
Director of Engineering
Bob Sheedy
Director of Business Development
Wilhelm Almer
Technical Director, Chief Solution Architect

Here, we see you for who you are.

True excellence has no race, no gender, and no divisions. At VividCloud, we look for curiosity, intelligence, and drive – the very best of what unites us.

What Clients Are Saying

VividCloud did an outstanding job. I was very satisfied with the quality of their work and willingness to partner with us to ensure success.

David Levasseur
Director of Software Engineering, AutoGuide Mobile Robots

VividCloud worked jointly with us to implement these upgrades to the point where we now have what we consider to be a commercially viable product that provides real value to KSS and our customers.

Ben Antrim
Director of Processs Engineering, Koch Separation Solutions

VividCloud put together a strong professional team that was able to make significant contributions in our rather complicated development environment.

Ulf Jaegersberg
Research and Development Business Analyst, Dematic

VividCloud has been an excellent partner to work with. The engineers we worked with were fantastic; highly productive, thoughtful in design, and communicative.

Zack Nelson
VP of Engineering, Cortex Sustainability Intelligence

Ready to Find Where You Fit?

We’re always looking for talented people to join our team, and we’d love to hear from you!