Cloud Cost Optimization

A common scenario: You launch your first cloud-based core product, and it’s immediately successful. You continue to build on the platform and reap the benefits. However, the spend on cloud services is higher than expected and it keeps growing. We can help you optimize it.

We’re a proud AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner offering cloud and IoT services.


of companies

expect to exceed their cloud budget by 20% – 40%


of companies

expect to exceed their cloud budget by more than 40%


of cloud users

in the U.S. consider cloud charges as fixed costs


cost reductions

in extreme circumstances

Our Approach

Cloud budget overruns don’t usually have a singular cause. As a cloud-focused company, we provide a systematic approach to identifying your cost drivers as well as a highly capable team to remedy them. We help you rightsize as demand fluctuates, choose more cost-effective architecture, and re-examine your AWS purchase options to optimize your spend.


Modernizing your applications unlocks the full potential of the AWS cloud platform and offers many opportunities for cost optimization. We provide the scalability and performance you need, while optimizing cloud platform costs, with our four key strategies for modernization: Refactoring, Containerization, Serverless, and DevOps.

Idle or Unused Resources

We examine your AWS services and infrastructure to determine whether you have any unused resources. Identifying these underutilized areas enables you to eliminate unnecessary spending and create more accurate budgets.

Elastic Resource Provisioning

Automatically schedule resource provisioning to match the demand of your business and workloads. By scaling up across multiple instances and Availability Zones, you can respond more easily when demand surges or diminishes, maintaining performance and reliability.


Rightsizing your compute resources goes a long way toward optimizing performance and cost. Cloud-optimized silicon from AWS delivers up to 40% better price performance while purpose-built ML chips provide the best value for your deep learning applications.

Storage & Database

By replacing costly legacy database products with AWS’ fully managed database services, we can pinpoint opportunities to minimize storage costs while ensuring availability. Taking advantage of AWS Lifecycle rules can result in further savings by automatically moving data to the most cost-effective access tier.

Data Transfer

We’ll identify and target opportunities to reduce data transfer costs. Examples include leveraging Amazon CloudFront for lower data transfer-out rates and optimizing calls between your infrastructure by creating read replicas on Amazon RDS.


We also review your account structure, notifications, controls, and tagging capabilities to implement the most effective cost-saving policies, processes, and tools.

Alternate Purchase Options

Did you know that you can receive up to 72% in discounts when committing to Savings Plans or Reserved Instances for predictable usage? Furthermore, running fault-tolerant workloads with Amazon EC2 Spot Instances can result in up to 90% in savings. We use our industry knowledge to lower your spend.

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Areas of Expertise

As a cloud-native company, building secure, scalable, and cost-optimized IoT products is one of the things we do best, and we have the certifications to prove it.

Area Of Expertise

EC2, Spot EC2, EC2 Autoscaling, Elastic Beanstalk, Lightsail

Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, Fargate, Copilot, Elastic Container Registry, Red Hat OpenShift, App Runner

Lambda, Fargate

S3, EBS, EFS, Storage Gateway, Aurora, RDS, DocumentDB, RDS, Redshift, DynamoDB, DMS, Neptune, QLDB

Control Tower, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, CloudScaling, CloudTrail

Amazon Route 53, CloudFront, Amazon VPC, Elastic Load Balancing, WAF, Single Sign On, Resource Access Manager, Network Firewall

CloudWatch, X-Ray, OpenSearch, Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, Amazon Managed Grafana

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They will be the firm we reach out to as needs arises.

Zack Nelson
VP of Engineering, Cortex Sustainability Intelligence

VividCloud worked jointly with us to implement these upgrades to the point where we now have what we consider to be a commercially viable product that provides real value to KSS and our customers.

Ben Antrim
Director of Processs Engineering, Koch Separation Solutions

Vividcloud has provided us with excellent services, support, and advice. They have been a good partner.

Vincent Marcus
Sr. Director, Customer-Facing Operations, WEX Inc.

VividCloud put together a strong professional team that was able to make significant contributions in our rather complicated development environment.

Ulf Jaegersberg
Research and Development Business Analyst, Dematic

Extremely competent technical team.

Tom Hindmarsh
CEO, RIOT-Technology

[VividCloud] has been an excellent partner in developing software for my company and setting up a cost effective architecture on AWS.

Sandra Lawson
Co-founder and Principal, HealthDataViz, LLC
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With a growth rate of 21.2% in 2021, Dematic was listed as the world’s second-largest materials handling systems supplier, with a revenue of $3.2 billion. Dematic has research and development engineering centers, manufacturing facilities, and service centers located in more than 35 countries around the world.

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