Financial Services

Redefine your future with custom financial services technology solutions that optimize operations and embrace innovation.

Industry Challenges We Help Solve

Financial services companies exist in a world where they must evolve to compete. We are well equipped to help our clients overcome obstacles related to:

Manual Processes

Manual processes are plagued by higher costs, increased error rates, processing delays, and bad data. They’re also time-consuming, and customers are no longer willing to put up with long wait times.

Information Silos

Important documents and data are often stored in different places, which means that employees are spending valuable time on the tedious process of transferring data between systems.


Because financial services providers store sensitive information, they’re subject to stringent regulations. Failure to comply can lead to cyber-attacks, fines, and negative customer and market perception.

Legacy Systems

Outdated infrastructure is difficult to update and comes with baggage — technical debt and high operating expenses, to be specific. As a result, these systems can be costly barriers to progress, decreasing efficiency and productivity.

A smartphone screen displays a website with the heading "About WEX." It describes WEX as a global leader in fintech solutions, simplifying payment systems for industries like fleet, corporate payments, and benefits. In the background, the WEX logo is prominently visible.
WEX is a global leader in financial technology solutions. They simplify the complexities of payment systems across continents and industries, with specialized solutions for Fleet, Corporate Payments, and Travel and Health Benefits Technology.

Our Approach to Working with Financial Services Clients

As an Advanced APN Services Partner focused on the AWS platform, we help our clients optimize operations and accelerate innovation — all while adapting to the ever-changing regulations in the financial services industry.

The Cloud

We accelerate your cloud migration to deliver operational efficiency faster. Modernizing legacy applications using containers and serverless technologies opens the door for other applications such as advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning.


We work with you to eliminate manual processes by automating workflows and accelerating processes through events, rules, and notifications.


We can help you integrate internal and external systems, including new account creation, payment systems, and employee savings and benefits systems. Custom API development also enables integration with third-party data providers.


We help modernize applications and platforms to gain all the advantages of cloud solutions for financial services (including the ability to quickly deploy new features), while finding opportunities to address technical debt along the way.

How We Get the Job Done

Cloud Migration

Leave behind a costly, inflexible, and monolithic environment and open the door to transformational technologies such as data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


Bring the latest cloud technologies, services, and best practices to existing applications and platforms to make them cloud-native, adaptable, scalable, cost-optimized, and secure.


Containerization in the cloud offers scalability, portability, and most importantly, fault tolerance. Financial services technology solutions are more rapidly developed, deployed, patched, and scaled.


DevOps supports the next generation of sophisticated FinTech solutions, technologies, and operations by enabling innovation and delivery of applications and services at high velocity.

What Clients Are Saying

VividCloud has been a great partner in helping us modernize our infrastructure.

Ted Jandro
Software Developer, Wex Inc.

Vividcloud has provided us with excellent services, support, and advice. They have been a good partner.

Vincent Marcus
Sr. Director, Customer-Facing Operations, WEX Inc.

They will be the firm we reach out to as needs arises.

Zack Nelson
VP of Engineering, Cortex Sustainability Intelligence

VividCloud worked jointly with us to implement these upgrades to the point where we now have what we consider to be a commercially viable product that provides real value to KSS and our customers.

Ben Antrim
Director of Processs Engineering, Koch Separation Solutions

We have partnered with Vivid Cloud for several years and they are consistently able to provide reliable and knowledgeable resources that help advance our objectives for cloud delivery and modernization.

Brent Souza
SVP, Platform Architecture, Acadian Asset Management

They were more than helpful in any complex situation that we encountered.

Chad Johnston
Managing Partner, Fully Involved, LLC

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