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Cloud software engineering for businesses that need it built right, right now.

It Was 2018 and Businesses Had a Problem

It was time to move operations, software, and data to the cloud — but how?

At the time, it was rare to have an in-house team with the technical expertise to handle large-scale migrations or be able to develop new cloud-native products from scratch. Offshore vendors might have seemed like an attractive, affordable option, but time zone differences, communication challenges, and a lack of quality typically led to disappointing (and deceptively costly) outcomes. And the domestic labor market was running low on talented cloud software engineers.

That’s when the founders of VividCloud came together with a simple yet powerful solution…

Introducing VividCloud: A Simple Yet Powerful Approach

We went to work on building a software engineering company specializing in AWS right here in the United States — but do it outside of the high-cost, high-technology centers where the demand for experienced engineers outstrips the supply. The blueprint for the company included creating a culture and system for turning great software professionals into great cloud solution architects and developers.

A Hub for Architect-Level Engineers

We established our headquarters in Brunswick, Maine, and almost immediately attracted some of the most talented architect-level engineers into our company and right in our backyard.

With that foundation in place, we built an extraordinary team of people from diverse backgrounds, all with a passion for cloud development, supported by a culture of learning and mentorship to develop talent under experienced leadership.

By focusing just as much on big-picture strategic thinking as on technical skills, we offer our clients something increasingly rare and valuable:

a true partnership model with fully- managed, expert teams who are as invested in your success as you are.

The Power of Partnership

Today, more businesses are taking on cloud development challenges in-house than in 2018. Our success and growth is a testament to the value we bring to our clients with our passionate engagement to meet their challenges and goals

It’s a huge credit to our people.

We continue to invest in growing our team and our relationship with AWS as our cloud platform of choice. We can’t wait to see where the next five years take us.

Ready to get started?

With VividCloud, you get ingenuity on demand to solve your most pressing cloud software engineering challenges. Drop us a line to begin the conversation — we can’t wait to hear from you.

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