In the cloud, containerization offers room for growth, portability, and most importantly, fault tolerance. With containers, applications can be more rapidly developed, deployed, patched, and scaled.

We’re a proud AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner offering cloud and IoT services.


of all containerized cloud-based applications

run on AWS


Amazon EKS usage growth

in one year


Fargate usage growth in one year

with 100 million tasks running every week

8 billion+

weekly image pulls

using Amazon Elastic Container Registry

Our Approach

Containerization of software and its dependencies enables accelerated development, testing, and production cycles. Whether we’re creating greenfield applications or modernizing legacy systems, we bring these benefits to your projects.

Identify Use Cases

Through a combination of our Discovery process and collaboration with you, our team determines the best course of action for your project — lift and shift, refactoring, or greenfield development. Then, we’ll come up with a roadmap to ensure that we’re meeting the business and technical goals you’ve set for the project.

Lift & Shift

In cases involving applications that are facing retirement or if you plan to modernize according to a schedule, this is the best method for migrating existing applications. To do this, we lift your software from your current system and shift it into containers that are run in the cloud. 


Refactoring legacy software is often the best approach for critical applications that carry technical debt and require innovation. By isolating applications and microservices in individual container components, they can be more easily deployed and scaled.

Greenfield Applications

If your company is developing a new platform or application or your team is new to containers, we can help you build it right, right now. We start from a clean slate and work with you to architect, design, implement, and deploy your new solution.

Production Ready

DevSecOps and containers make each other’s jobs easier. A complete container-based approach includes support for continuous integration and deployment in addition to delivering streamlined builds, tests, and launches from the same container images.

Ready to Containerize?

Areas of Expertise

As a cloud-focused company, transforming monolithic software into container-native applications is one of the things we do best, and we have the certifications to prove it.

Area Of Expertise

Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, Red Hat OpenShift on AWS

Fargate, EC2, EC2 Spot Instances

Control Tower, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, CloudTrail

Proton, Red Hat OpenShift on AWS

Copilot, ECR, App Runner, Lightsail, Lambda

What Clients Are Saying

VividCloud did a very nice job setting up the backbone of our SepTrac application on AWS. We are quite impressed with the security features they worked into the application.

Ben Antrim
Director of Processs Engineering, Koch Separation Solutions

The team at VividCloud has provided both the domain knowledge and the extensive knowledge of AWS in an integrated fashion.

Tom Hindmarsh
CEO, RIOT-Technology

VividCloud has been a great partner in helping us modernize our infrastructure.

Ted Jandro
Software Developer, Wex Inc.

Vividcloud has provided us with excellent services, support, and advice. They have been a good partner.

Vincent Marcus
Sr. Director, Customer-Facing Operations, WEX Inc.

VividCloud has been an excellent partner to work with. The engineers we worked with were fantastic; highly productive, thoughtful in design, and communicative.

Zack Nelson
VP of Engineering, Cortex Sustainability Intelligence

From the VP overseeing our project to the individual software engineer developing code, the team at [VividCloud] is professional, responsive, and just great to work with.

Sandra Lawson
Co-founder and Principal, HealthDataViz, LLC
Micro-Fulfillment the Modern Way with VividCloud
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