DevOps and Security

Through DevOps, organizations are able to deliver, evolve, and improve applications and services more easily and at a faster pace. We help our clients move away from inflexible legacy processes to a next-generation approach that maximizes speed to market and improves product quality.

We’re a proud AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner offering cloud and IoT services.


Size of the US DevOps market

by the year 2026


of companies

report taking hours, days, or weeks to fulfill Identity and Access requests


less time spent

handling support cases with DevOps


more time spent

on infrastructure improvements with DevOps

Our Approach

Our DevOps consulting services help you deliver a better software product, faster. We work to unify development and IT operations teams by automating processes, improving communications, and optimizing workflow.

Planning & Assessment

To apply a full DevSecOps approach, we analyze all your needs, including the subtle ones. These include use cases, functional requirements, compliance, scalability, environment isolation, testing and quality control, security, and observability.

Best Practices

As an AWS-first company, we’re committed to keeping up with an ever-evolving set of best practices. For DevOps, this includes focusing on automation; leveraging Agile and Lean principles; providing developers with as many tools as possible; and favoring small, frequent updates.

Automated CI/CD Pipelines

Fully-automated CI/CD pipelines support faster innovation. Creating these pipelines will automate building, testing, and deployment of both infrastructure and applications.

Deployment Pipeline

Deployments should be reliable, error-free, secure, and routine events. That’s why we automate manual processes, promote collaboration within development teams via tools like GitLab and Flow, and implement a Blue-Green strategy to reduce the risk of downtime.

Continuous Improvement

Our job doesn’t end after implementation. We observe both your team and system performance to enable continuous improvement far into the future.

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Areas of Expertise

As a cloud-native company, creating well-architected and secure cloud solutions is one of the things we do best, and we have the certifications to prove it.

Area Of Expertise

CodeCommit, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, S3

GitLab Pipelines, GitHub Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines

CodeStar, GitLab Pipelines, GitHub Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines, Serverless

CloudFormation, CDK

Inspector, Device Farm, Fault Injection Simulator, Selenium, Playwright, Katalon, JMeter, Sonarqube, Postman

CloudWatch, X-Ray, OpenSearch, Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, Amazon Managed Grafana, Datadog, Dynatrace, New Relic

What Clients Are Saying

VividCloud did a very nice job setting up the backbone of our SepTrac application on AWS. We are quite impressed with the security features they worked into the application.

Ben Antrim
Director of Processs Engineering, Koch Separation Solutions

The VividCloud team consistently demonstrated their depth of knowledge and expertise with AWS services.

James Hamilton
Sr. Technical Director, Evolv Technology

They are an excellent company with which to work.

Joseph Drenth
Sr. Research and Development Engineer, JBT Corporation

From the VP overseeing our project to the individual software engineer developing code, the team at [VividCloud] is professional, responsive, and just great to work with.

Sandra Lawson
Co-founder and Principal, HealthDataViz, LLC

The team at VividCloud has provided both the domain knowledge and the extensive knowledge of AWS in an integrated fashion.

Tom Hindmarsh
CEO, RIOT-Technology

We worked with them on an audit for an AWS project. The feedback was timely, covered key areas for us to improve/make-changes and it was very helpful.

Sanjay Nadimpalli
CEO, Tuebora Inc
Micro-Fulfillment the Modern Way with VividCloud
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