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In the financial sector, the difference is between being relevant or becoming obsolete.

In order to remain competitive, it is imperative for financial services companies to digitally transform their business and develop new offerings to win, serve, and retain their customers.


The best design approach with lowest operational cost may be a Serverless architecture. VividCloud is an advocate for Serverless designs because it is the native architecture of the cloud and shifts more operational responsibilities to AWS.




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  • Blockchain – Distributed ledger applications, cryptocurrency.

  • Regtech – Regulatory technology to manage financial compliance rules.

  • OpenBanking – Architectures that allow third parties to use bank data.

  • Avatars and AI – Automate investment advice using advanced financial algorithms.

  • Hybrid cloud solutions with public and private cloud platforms may provide the best regulatory compliance.

  • Quantitative Analytics and the big data opportunity.

Financial services customers are empowered by digital tools to research, evaluate, and choose financial products and services.

Case Studies

Climb™ Platform Enhancements / Cloud-Native FinTech Platform / Enterprise Platform for Insurance Company


What Makes Us Different,

Is What Makes Us Better

We develop innovative software solutions for companies undertaking a digital transformation of their current technology to better compete in today’s cloud-based marketplace.

When you work with VividCloud, you'll  have a dedicated team of developers with the expertise you project requires to bring your vision life.  And because we’re 100% US-based—connecting is faster, communicating is easier, and security for your sensitive data, proprietary software, and intellectual property is unparalleled.  


We build real solutions to real-world challenges. At VividCloud, we deliver industry-specific solutions throughout the Healthcare Technologies, Industrial, Financial Service, Insurance, Consumer Device, and Automotive industries. 

By applying world-class software development services and market-leading technology, we help companies like yours increase their productivity and win the competitive advantage.


We are VividCloud.


We can help transform existing industrial and legacy products into smart, connected devices as exciting as any consumer product. 


We develop secure and HIPAA complaint applications and systems for the healthcare market. Software for wearable devices, cloud systems for claims processing, and AI assisted telemedicine.


Whatever you need, VividCloud can help. Contact us directly, or click on the link below and we'll get right back to you.

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