Micro-Fulfillment the Modern Way with VividCloud

At A Glance:

6,662 bins

in one Dematic AutoStore installation

9 robots

performing the micro-fulfillment tasks

30 minutes

order picking time, reduced over 90% from 5-6 hours

About The Client:

Dematic is an American supplier of materials handling systems, software, and services. With a growth rate of 21.2% in 2021, Dematic was listed as the world’s second-largest materials handling systems supplier, with a revenue of $3.2 billion. Dematic has research and development engineering centers, manufacturing facilities, and service centers located in more than 35 countries around the world.

Executive Summary

Dematic was facing a challenge in meeting the demand for automated warehousing solutions for small and mid-sized retailers. As a result, they targeted a new Micro-Fulfillment (MFC) product that could efficiently handle small-scale order fulfillment.

The challenge presented an opportunity for industry leader Dematic to develop a new architecture for the software that controls their MFC systems. An excellent cloud-based microservices architecture promised a huge increase in flexibility and agility, and a much greater capacity to scale during peak periods of fulfillment.

This solution allows us to ship fast and on time to thousands of MSPs and IT resellers in Australia. We are proud to be at the cutting edge of technology.”

Theo Kristoris
Managing Director, Leader Computers

Key Challenges

  • Modernizing a monolithic software base
  • Time-to-market demands were high
  • Specialized business domain knowledge
  • High scaling needs projected
  • Software management expertise is required for a complex environment


This project was implemented on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) utilizing Java, Quarkus, Hibernate, and PostgreSQL, all running within containers. The front end was implemented in Python, with a custom framework written on top of Vue.JS. VividCloud assembled two fully-managed teams to help Dematic develop their MFC product.

Fully managed software teams

VividCloud’s approach to fully managing its own teams significantly accelerated the completion of the project. By leading with VividCloud’s highly-experienced engineering management and principal architects, our ramp-up was rapid and in a short time, we were proving a significant multiplier to sprint velocity.

Close collaboration

Once integrated, each VividCloud team worked in close collaboration with Dematic’s product team, utilizing agile methodologies and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) processes. The knowledge-sharing led to excellent domain accuracy.

End Results

Two principal outcomes Dematic realized for this project were creating a Micro Fulfillment product and replacing their aging monolithic software architecture.

A microservices architecture allowed Dematic and VividCloud to break down the components of the complex Micro Fulfillment system into smaller, independent, services that could be developed and deployed more quickly and efficiently. The microservices architecture provides an excellent foundation for scaling and maintenance over the lifespan of the product.

These benefits permit large volumes of orders to be processed during peak periods while maintaining high levels of uptime while delivering operational cost savings by automatically scaling down resources during off-peak periods.

With VividCloud’s support, Dematic was able to increase its development velocity, reduce time-to-market, and deliver a high-quality product.

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