Generated Health

VividCloud develops a secure, scalable, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform on AWS

At A Glance:


clinical hours saved per patient in enteral feeding and blood pressure


reduction in hospital admissions for patients with diabetes


improvement in symptoms for patients with depression


saved per patient with COPD by reducing hospital admissions

About The Client:

Generated Health is a healthcare startup in the ever-expanding high-technology market in Maine. They offer Florence, a digital services platform that serves as an extension of health professionals’ care so that patients can lead healthier lives.

Executive Summary

Generated Health is a startup company that has launched a new SaaS product, called Florence, for the telehealth market. The Florence software is well-designed, intelligent, and efficient, but required a number of additions to make it a fully cloud-native, enterprise-class platform that is compliant with AWS’s Well-Architected Framework.

Generated Health partnered with VividCloud to create a secure, scalable, HIPAA-compliant telehealth SaaS platform on AWS.

The beauty of Florence is the flexibility — it’s so simple, so flexible, so adaptable.”

Lincolnshire Community Health Services

Key Challenges

  • A platform that was not fully cloud-native, limiting Generated Health’s ability to scale and provide the required capabilities for healthcare providers and patients.
  • Lack of a platform that would provide the optimal user experience to patients, including the ability to access their information anywhere, at any time, on their personal smartphones.
  • The ability to systematically maintain the strict security requirements required to stay HIPAA-compliant.


VividCloud’s solution included a scalable AWS infrastructure that could grow with this rapidly-expanding startup.

Modern pipelines

CI/CD pipelines to enable frequent production releases, automated testing, and deployments of releases. Integration of 3rd party products to create a seamless customer experience.

Performance monitoring

Logging and monitoring to maintain round-the-clock uptime and operations support once the platform was deployed.

Solution Architecture

AWS Services Provided

  • AWS Route 53 registered Domain, hosted zones, and DNS records
  • AWS VPC Private Link to keep communication between the application and MongoDB Atlas private
  • AWS VPC Security Groups to provide a secure networking environment
  • AWS ECS ECR, Fargate, Cluster, Service, Tasks to run the application
  • AWS CloudWatch Logs, Metrics, and Alarms to simplify monitoring
  • AWS Audit Manager to perform HIPAA assessments and run HIPAA reports
  • AWS IAM roles and policies to control access to AWS resources
  • AWS Control Tower to setup an OU for Generated Health
  • AWS SSO to provide access to the AWS Accounts
  • AWS Lightsail to host Generated Health’s Website
  • AWS CloudTrail to audit activities on Generated Health’s AWS Accounts
  • AWS KMS to encrypt data stored in EBS volumes/snapshots and SSM Parameter Store
  • AWS SSM Parameter Store to store credentials used by the application

End Results

Generated Health’s platform was deployed on schedule, to support an initial cohort of five clinical practices. Since then, Generated Health has continued to onboard new customer accounts and patients.

Specific new capabilities provided by VividCloud include reliable weekly code deployments, highly available deployments in multiple availability zones, SMS service provider setup for a sandbox, staging, and production environments, HIPAA assessment and reports generated on-demand by leveraging AWS Audit Manager, AWS Security Hub, AWS Config and SCPs, and Cloudwatch Dashboards and Alarms to visualize the performance of the applications and automate monitoring.

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