Rockstep Solutions

VividCloud Extends Rockstep's Backend Architecture & Develops an Application Interface to Meet the Complex Needs of Research Scientists

At A Glance:


Rigorous, user-friendly design, development, and testing of each release.

Ease of use

An efficient, easy-to-use platform that addresses the specific challenges of in vivo research.


With VividCloud’s enhancements in place, Rockstep was able to win large, industry-leading, biotechnology customers over to the Climb platform.

About The Client:

Rockstep Solutions is an early-stage company in the healthcare technology market.

Executive Summary

Rockstep’s cloud-based SaaS platform, called Climb™, provides pharma, CRO, and academia customers with a single repository for all experimental data, tightly linked with study protocol and animal lineage. The Climb platform streamlines reporting, root cause analysis, and many other requirements of the industry.

Climb is user-friendly, and it doesn’t take very long to learn how to use it, and there is a lot of support from the company to help with training.“

Julie Siegenthaler
Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Colorado Denver

Key Challenges

  • Key new business opportunities required several complex enhancements to their platform.
  • These enhancements required backend infrastructure development as well as frontend components for desktop and Mobile devices.
  • The lean staff at this startup company could not accomplish the complex set of product enhancements in the tight schedule required by the business opportunity.


A Quick Start

VividCloud jumped in and rapidly came up to speed on Rockstep’s architecture, code baseline, and the enhancements required.

A Partner Approach

Working closely with Rockstep’s excellent engineering team, VividCloud’s resources extended the backend Azure architecture to support a larger data model and scalability.

A Fresh User Interface

VividCloud developed UX/UI components in Angular related to customer management in a multi-tenant architecture, workflow management features for Climb™ customers, and new visualization options.

Since we started using Climb a year ago, we have had no mistakes in keeping records, and data entry is a breeze.”

Mu Yang, PhD
Director, Mouse NeuroBehavior Core, Institute for Genomic Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center

End Results

VividCloud completed all of the platform enhancements on schedule at 12% below the estimated cost.

With these enhancements in place, and delivered on time, Rockstep was able to win large, industry-leading, biotechnology customers to the Climb platform.

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