RIot Technology

RIoT Technology creates a smart standard for Home Connectivity, Diagnostics through Data, and Home Energy Management

At A Glance:


of U.S. homes are projected to include smart home devices in 2025.

25 billion

IoT connected devices are providing data each year.


existing systems that integrate everything in one place

About The Client:

RIoT Technology is a residential IoT company redefining the leading edge for homebuilding. With an integrated technology platform offering intelligent automation, real-time diagnostics, and analytical insights, RIoT Technology better connects homeowners with builders and service providers by enhancing communication, convenience, safety, risk management, service, and energy efficiency.

Executive Summary

RIoT Technology began at the intersection of highly successful technologists and homebuilders. Their key observation: existing IoT devices for the home have been designed exclusively for retrofit (Nest thermostats, Ring doorbells, Amazon Alexa, etc.). While the existing products in the market offer convenience, comfort, and utility, the ‘retrofit’ design significantly limits the device function and applications. Retrofit products also add complexity, cost, and hyper-segmentation, with too many devices requiring their own app or communication protocol.

The market has evolved into ‘tech silos,’ fractured home automation solutions, and cumbersome IoT arrays that are limited by a lack of reliable power and continuity.

Mixed communication protocols, multi-app solutions, and other challenges limit the ability for the builder, OEM, or third parties to provide advanced diagnostics, in-wall or underground sensor data, and the ability to mitigate risk to the property… all features of the next-generation smart home.

By 2030, more than 1.5 billion Matter-certified devices will ship annually. In addition, over that period, a vast range of consumer robotics, smart appliances, and other emerging smart home device types are expected to be drawn into smart home system engagement.”

Nitin Dahad,
writer for Embedded (citation: ABI Research)

Key Challenges

  • Incorporating rapid advances in IoT devices and communication standards
  • Aggregating useful data and analytics while protecting privacy
  • Unifying a fractured base of hardware vendors and homebuilders
  • Infrastructure and tools to capture and process a volume of data that will scale rapidly
  • Maximizing customization options


RIoT Technology and VividCloud designed a new AWS-based platform that incorporates three main portals for user interaction: a Kiosk, a Cloud Dashboard, and an augmented reality app.

The Kiosk is a wall-mounted Kiosk device for the homeowner. It’s located centrally in the home and provides the home management app.

A web-accessible Cloud Dashboard serves builders and remote homeowners with analytics, remote management, and an automation library.

The augmented reality app delivers a guided tour, allowing service technicians to rapidly visualize access and focus on areas of concern within the home.

An alerting and notification system is coupled with a custom scene-creation engine for home automation. Data-driven insights across all RIoT Homes offer continuous improvement for energy usage and other home tunings.

Upgrade and manage your home with data-backed insights

Using data analytics generated from all RIoT Homes, homeowners can continually access a growing library of energy-conservation, security, and automation improvements.

Add value for homeowners while reducing costly warranty claims

Builders know that responding to water leaks, substrate subsidence, and other subtle issues is costly. Early detection is the answer to this toughest challenge.

AWS Services Provided

  • AWS Route 53 registered domain, routing to public-facing services, and cross-account nameserver mapping
  • AWS Quicksight to visualize and draw inferences from IoT data
  • AWS DynamoDB with a single-table design for the primary data store of the application. Automated PITR backups and TTL for removing stale data
  • AWS Step-Functions for long-running and scheduled tasks such as snoozing user notifications and monitoring individual property health
  • AWS Lambda for independent components such as device certificate generation or in-home automation, as well as processing data from devices and creating user notifications
  • AWS SSM parameter store for developer environment configuration, mock-user credentials, and in-home device initial configuration
  • AWS Certificate Manager to terminate HTTPS on the ELBv2
  • AWS IoT Core MQTT broker with topic rules for routing device data, secure communication with SSL certificates, and a billing group for each property
  • AWS S3 for private/public object storage and front-end website hosting
  • AWS Cognito User Pools, and Identity Pools to house the user base
  • AWS KMS CMK for encrypting Timestream tables
  • AWS SNS notifications are sent when app errors or ops items arise
  • AWS Pinpoint toll-free number registration for sending end-user SMS notifications
  • AWS Cloudwatch logs and metric filters for error notifications and debugging
  • AWS Events provide Lambda schedules and SNS notifications to work in conjunction with Application Insights

End Results

RIoT Technology is positioned at center stage in the home building industry. The initial system launch deployed an operational platform for a demo home in New Mexico, and the platform is awaiting data from the first full neighborhood of RIoT Homes. A community of 40 new “self-healing” homes is under construction, showcasing the benefits of RIoT’s technology.

RIoT is meeting with leading residential homebuilders in the country, speaking with governmental energy commissions and local boards, and joining the drive to move towards smarter, more data-driven living standards. RIoT Technology is poised to lead the way in developing new standards for residential homebuilders, third-party vendors, and the homeowner experience of the future.

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